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juin 7

Quiz for computer network enthusiasts

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1. An IP subnetting design requires 200 subnets and 120 hosts/subnet for the largest subnets, and requires that a single mask be used throughout the one private IP network that will be used. The design also requires planning for 20 percent growth in the number of subnets and number of hosts/subnet in the largest subnet. Which of the following answers lists a private IP network and mask that, if chosen, would meet the requirements?





2. A subnet design uses Class A network, and the engineer must choose a single mask to use throughout the network. The design requires 1000 subnets, with the largest subnet needing 200 hosts. Which of the following masks meets the requirements and also maximizes the number of subnets?

a. /18 (why can't it be /18 here, it satisfies both requirements of 1000 subnets and largest needing 200 hosts)

b. /20

c. /22

d. /24

3. Which of the following is not a valid subnet ID for network, using mask /25, assuming that this mask is used throughout the network?







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